Monatliche Archive: März 2023

US Regulators Accused of Illegal Overreach Against Crypto Industry

• Cooper & Kirk Law Firm has accused US federal regulators of “illegal overreach” against the crypto industry. • The firm has urged Congress to hold agencies accountable and proposed questions to obtain answers. • Regulators are allegedly using “regulatory tools and pressure tactics” to limit digital asset integration into the financial system. Regulatory Overreach… Weiterlesen »

Trust Wallet Unlocks Easy Crypto Tax Reporting with 3 Partners

• Trust Wallet has partnered with Coinpanda, Koinly, and CoinTracker to offer its users insights into their crypto taxes. • The new integration allows users to generate their tax reports with a one-click service. • All Trust Wallet users will receive discounted prices for generating their tax reports, with additional discounts offered to holders of… Weiterlesen »