Ducati Revs Up Digital Collecting with Ripple’s XRPL: Claim Your Free NFTs!

Von | 27. Juli 2023

• Ducati and Ripple have partnered to launch a new NFT collection of Ducati logos since 1946.
• Free NFTs are being given away to early registrants.
• Purchasers of NFTs from the debut collection will receive exclusive access to upcoming projects.

Ducati and Ripple Team Up for Historic NFT Collection

Ducati, the iconic Italian motorcycle designer and manufacturer, has teamed up with XRP Ledger to unveil an exciting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. The inaugural collection features timeless Ducati logos since 1946 and offers free NFTs for early registrants. Purchasers of tokens from the debut collection will also gain exclusive access to forthcoming projects.

A Special Partnership

The partnership between Ducati and Ripple was initially announced in July 2022, but the details surrounding this innovative move remained largely unknown until now. Web3 Pro, a key player with ties to Lamborghini, is playing an instrumental role in the collaboration as well. This venture marks a revolutionary era of digital collectibles for both companies, one that promises much excitement for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Free Tokens

As part of this groundbreaking move into the world of NFTs, Ducati has offered free tokens up for grabs for those who register within seven days from the launch date on July 26th. However, it’s unclear whether this offer is related to recent developments in the Ripple legal case or not.

Access to Future Projects

In addition to offering free tokens as part of their marketing drive, purchasers of any token from the initial collection will be granted exclusive access to upcoming Ducati projects involving NFTs down the line – hinting at even more captivating possibilities yet to come!

A Revolutionary Era Begins

With such an historic release from two incredible companies, it’s undeniable that we’ve entered a new era for digital collectibles and blockchain technology alike! From alluring designs that pay homage to its rich heritage in automotive design right through to providing users with exclusive access future projects featuring their beloved brand – it’s clear that both enthusiasts and collectors are sure benefit greatly from this revolutionary venture!