Unlock the Future of Web3: Ask Polygon Copilot Your Questions!

Von | 23. Juni 2023

• Polygon Copilot is a new AI chatbot powered by Layer-E and OpenAI GPT-4 that helps users answer questions about Polygon and the web3 universe.
• The chatbot has three personas – beginner, advanced, and degen – that provide answers in their own unique way.
• Polygon Copilot can also provide analytics and insights across NFTs, DeFi, and wallets, as well as minting NFTs on Polygon zkEVM and PoS chains within the interface.

What Is Polygon Copilot?

Polygon Copilot is an AI chatbot built by Layer-E that allows users to ask questions about Polygon and get almost instant answers. Users can also ask questions about web3 and crypto in general. It is an important feature of Polygon 2.0, a new network of zero-knowledge-powered chains that will transform how Polygon operates.

Features of Polygon Copilot

Polygon Copilot is powered by ChatGPT-4 and has a few interesting features. It provides valuable insights, analytics, and guidance across different aspects of the ecosystem for all levels of users. Additionally, it can provide analytics and insights across NFTs , DeFi , wallets, as well as minting NFTs on Polygon zkEVM and PoS chains within the interface.


Polygon Copilot comes with three personas: Beginner, advanced, and degen. Each persona will present the answers in its own unique way which caters to different user needs.

How To Use It?

Users can ask questions about both general Web3 topics as well as more specific ones related to Polygon’s protocols or services directly from the bot interface or via Twitter direct message @0xpolygontools .


Some have criticized this type of artificial intelligence because it seems to be getting traction with venture capitalists pouring money into AI companies while people are increasingly depending on AI tools like ChatGPT for various tasks such as investment decisions or even diagnosing medical conditions .